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Who is best astrologer in India ?

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Venu Madhav

According me Swami Sri Sai Vipasana Guruji. I am very thankful to Swami Sri Sai Vipasana Guruji. I met Guruji he predicted many things related my life, and he said that, am going through rough phase now and I will come out of my job. Guruji Suggested remedies but with my ignorance I haven't followed them. I even did not called again after taking prediction from Guruji. As days passing by I realized every prediction of Guruji came true with exact words from Guruji.I met with two accidents in fifteen days as predicted by Guruji. I was shocked. Soon realized I have done a very big mistake by not listening to Guruji. Then I followed remedies suggested by Guruji and situations came under my control now. Guruji suggested me to start start business on my wife name and am getting good returns on it. I regret of not listening to Guruji earlier. I could have avoid all these in my life. So from my experience, what Guruji says will happen for sure better to follow his advice than regretting later.

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I believe in God and Guruji

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