What is Astrology, types of astrology and history of astrology?

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Chennareddy prathapreddy

Astrology : Astrology is defined as a study of the influence of planetary bodies and their positions have on human lives. Astrology says that the position of Sun, personality, Moon, Stars and planets at the time of birth of person shy personality, romantic, economic life and other factors which lead to persons happy life. Most of the people's know only about their sign which is a part of the 12 constellations of the zodiac sign. The horoscope publishing in Newspapers is based on Sun sign astrology. Sun sign astrology is a form of astrology which generates daily horoscope based on the date of birth. Astrology says that sun sign astrology gives only limited results, to know exact or accurate they need to see the sign of the planet at the time of birth and by combining the planet position and sign with other elements such as houses and angles. History of Astrology: Astrology: According to data available in World wide web and Data providing websites like Wikipedia, How stuff works , the origin of Astrology is credited to Babylonians . Their astrology charts helps them to predict the weather , recurrence of season and so celestial events like lunar eclipse , Solar eclipse etc . So people believing astrology from 2000 years ago and at the beginning astrology and astronomy are referred as same science. In the 4th century , through the studies of Ancient scientists Plato , Aristotle and other scientists it is considered as one of the major science of the world. In ancient world , astrology majorly used to predict the weather for agricultural purpose , then later it was used to predict to natural disasters, planting ,wars and time to crown kings and to start great projects . With the success in that fields it was later used for all purposes like celebrations and each and everyone. Types of Astrology: There are so many types of astrology are there which are classified based on the events of which it is going to check. Most of the people consult the astrologer to know about them, their family and their businesses etc. According to that astrology is classified as following. They are Humanistic astrology: Humanistic astrology is primarily used in western countries. This astrology helps people to know about their strengths, weakness, karmic issues and future predictions. Karmic astrology: Karmic astrology mainly focuses on the spiritual side of interpretation and awareness. Relationship Astrology: This deals with a strength of the relationship between two people such as lovers, child-parents, boss, employees and family patterns. Vocational Astrology: Vocational Astrology deals with career related things. Based on this astrologer gives suggestion which career have a high potential for a person. Horary Astrology: Horary astrology deals with answering specific questions related to lost items Electional Astrology: It is used to know the prosperous time to start events like opening business, buying a car, marriages etc Rectification Astrology: This astrology deals with the rectification of birth chart of persons who don’t know their birth time. Mundane astrology deals with topics that cover political events, wars, countries and global changes. Astrometeorology used to predict weather and to find geolocation of earth resources. Eg: In some villages in India, coconut and astrology calculations are used to find the availability of underground water. Financial Astrology: It is also called Astro economics which deals with economics situation in stock markets. Many stock brokers use this to trade the market. Like above there is some other astrology which deals with topics like me planting, psychology etc. So many best astrologers are there in India cities like Mumbai , delhi ,kolkata, Hyderabad etc who are experts in variety of astrology which relates political , career etc

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