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Swami Sri Sai Vipasana Guruji Fees and Remedies please ?

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Hi, I have taken remedies from  Swami Sri Sai Vipasana Guruji and they worked miraculously. Six months back i went to him to know about my personal problems. As soon as he looked at me, he said with me "ask your important questions in your mind only. don't tell outside and don't tell to me also". I did the same. I ask questions in my mind. Then he told, your questions will be answered to day's night. After that i asked some other questions to him. He answered very well and am satisfied with his answers. I went home and i was busy in my works. I forgot totally about this but what the wonder is, that day night in my dream itself all questions were answered. The next day morning, i immediately went to Guruji and asked him how it happened. He smiled and told this all by Blessings of Babashiridisai. And he told "don't worry all your problems will be solved very early." I was shocked by this from that day-onwards i become a devote of shiridisaibaba . Till today i wonder how it happened. And also I followed Guruji remedies with devoted mind. And I see good things happening in my life. Now am very happy all my problems solved. I shared this with many baba devotees and friends May you too come out your with Baba blessings

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