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Truth, love and karm are the ultimate. Karm is in both – in one internal dharm (right conduct at the right time) and in the other, external duty (kartavya karm). Truth ignites fearlessness, love cleanses and purifies and karm illumines the path of endeavour (purusharth). By the absoluteness (poornta) of truth, love and karm, that wisdom is ignited that slices through the darkness of ignorance to highlight it through light (prakash se prakashit), in which realisation of truthful soulful bliss (sat chit anand) happens. It is possible to self-realise this ethereal miracle of truth, love and karm when there is rhythm and harmony in between the body and mind. Till there is union with the self, it is not possible to convey a feel (bhav) unity eternally. The greatest penance (sadhna) of truth is to be one on the three planes of thought word and deed. A truthful human is capable of piercing all the veils covering the soul and being firmly established in it, continues to conduct his duty (kartavya karm) naturally, automatically and effortless

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